Simple Ways to Get New Customers for Your Restaurant

“We know that we have delicious food, but I don’t know how to attract more customers to my restaurant so that they can try it and want to come back”. This phrase must definitely be familiar to you, either because it’s or has been your experience or because you’ve got detected it from industry colleagues. And it’s because having the best food is simply one of the strategies for having full tables.

We have discussed this topic many times. In fact, we at The Fork constantly try to create solutions so restaurateurs will attract more and more customers. Today, we are going to propose these five ways for winning over customers in 2021. Keep reading and take note:


1. Offer Packages to Local Businesses

Local businesses usually placed on events that require occupation. As a restaurant, you have got the expertise needed to provide these events with great food. Do it well, and company occupation can be nice to increase your bottom line.

Catering business events is completely different from serving food in a restaurant. While you’ll want the food you serve at the event to be related to what you serve at the restaurant, you’ll have to tweak the menu to make it suitable for a corporate setting.

Many restaurants that provide catering services have specific offerings they provide, though you’ll be more flexible if you have the resources. Types of packages you’ll offer include individual pre-prepared meals or buffet style food selections.

Other things you’ll need to consider before offering catering services are whether or not you would like to get extra equipment (packaging equipment, utensils, portable cooking equipment, etc.), wherever you’ll prepare the food (in your restaurant or on-site), whether or not you’ll offer workers to help with serving, and whether you’ll deliver the food.


2. Review the target market

The theme that was chosen for the restaurant you wish to promote determines your primary target market. Look somewhat deeper and acknowledge whether there are character or lifestyle traits that could attract a less obvious target customer to your restaurant. Attempt to adapt your establishment or offer to include them also.

For example, If you’re a part of the restaurant that serves Mediterranean food, apart from catering to those that enjoy the said preparation, you’ll also cater to people with special diets, special needs, families, pet owners, etc. the alternatives are many, it only depends on that change is worth making. These minor changes may make you the only restaurant in your neighbourhood with a vegan menu, or the best local destination for family outings.


3. Host events

Present your restaurant as a perfect venue for corporate events, family gatherings, charity dinners, etc. which could bring in some extra business. You’ll also get some media coverage depending on the type of event.

Try being the host and the organizer. These events could be a part of your entertainment. You could have live musicians, arise, comedians, quizzes, contests, etc.

Remember, it’s continuously good to stay the restaurant open to the public. If possible, keep a region of your restaurant available to those that don’t have anything to do with the event. This way you won’t have to turn them down and send them away to a different place.


4. Social media

Social media may be a great advantage of our time. It’s never been easier to communicate and promote. With social media accounts, you can promote your brand and show off your restaurant in the best light. Organize pic sessions of your atmosphere and your food. Post about the events which took place in your establishment. Always find a reason to talk about it.

Inspire your social media followers to take an interest in what you have to say by organizing online contests. Let your restaurant be talked about


5. Take Their Reviews Seriously

Yes, really seriously! That one bad review can hurt your business (more than you think), especially if you’ve only just entered the industry. Establishing a good customer review base and following can put you at an enormous competitive advantage over similar restaurants, placing it as the most sought after marketing strategy for restaurants all around the world. Online reviews and ratings, word of mouth and social media are some of the most convenient ways to grow customers at any stage of your business.

A few good reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp can help you grow your online presence a great deal.

So, if a little investment in training staff and upgrading services and ambience can earn you that extra point and one or two valuable reviews, it’s not long before you’ll want to be expanding to accommodate that extra crowd during peak hours.