Facebook Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Facebook is the most used social media platform, which gets more than a million visits every day. Most of the people nowadays spend the majority of their time on Facebook, looking for what their friends are doing, which shopping app they have used, which restaurant app they have used. Moreover, any activity on Facebook gets viral quite easily, which enables your business to get better visibility. Facebook online ordering system with CloudMenu can help you to convert your Facebook likes and followers to your potential customers.

How this Facebook ordering system can help me get orders for my restaurant?

To get this Facebook ordering system for your restaurant, you first need to have or need to create a Facebook page for your restaurant, where you need to get it integrated. As you will have your daily customers on the friend list of your Facebook page, it will make them visit your Facebook page when they visit Facebook.

Once they get into your Facebook page, they will notice the Facebook online ordering system, where they will first get the option to see the menu and then order. Your customers must check the menu, select their food items, make the payment, and place their order, without even leaving the Facebook page.
Once you get an order from Facebook, you get the notification, and you can start preparing for that order and arrange for its delivery.

When you get just one order from Facebook, it never ends there. The people on your customers’ friend list will come to know that their friend has placed an order from your restaurant. Good feedback will help you to get more and more traffic to your Facebook page, and simultaneously more online orders.

Facebook online ordering is booming and is turning the fortune of many restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and pubs. But we can show you the way to stand out in this competition. Most importantly, an engaging and attractive Facebook page is essential to get your Facebook visitors to stay on your page for long. Moreover, the menu item of your restaurant should have pictures of irresistible, delicious dishes so that your customers can not leave without ordering.
At CloudMenu, we don’t charge commissions for any number of online orders you get. So the profit will only come to you.