Making A Great Restaurant Website

Designing Your Ordering System

Your online ordering system must resemble your restaurant’s website as much as possible. It must follow your branding, provide an intuitive interface, and simplify payment. That way, customers will have a breezy ordering process, encouraging them to return and order again. Your customers will have a basic and rich way to browse your menu and order your food while offering you a productive way to better track your orders and manage your business.

Your website Making It User-Friendly and must be mobile-friendly

Each progression of the online food requesting measure should be exact, straightforward, and user-centric. Whether your customers are going through food categories or adding extra sauce or bread, they must have a comfortable experience throughout without getting lost in between screens. Using pictures is an effective way to help your visitors quickly decide on what they want to order, so ensure you insert the most compelling photos available. Once they’ve selected the main dish, display extra options or suggested pairings, like drinks and desserts, to upsell and cross-sell.
You’ve most likely heard it multiple times, more and more users are using the web on their small devices. If your website does not display well on a mobile device, you will lose some customers. Your mobile-friendliness does also affect your Google rankings.

Some requirements of a restaurant website


Easy to access menus

At least, you should have a simple to download PDF menu on your website. If you have a good developer or web template, you can also have your menu directly on your website. Be careful though as getting this right can be tricky. You need to make sure your menu is mobile-friendly as easily accessible.

Always show your prices

Prices on the menu, if you are not doing this, chances are you are annoying several people. Without prices on the menu, you open yourself to customers feeling uncertain about what to expect when they dine with you.

Pictures of your food

Everyone wants to see what they will eat. Without knowing exactly what you are ordering, it feels like taking a stab in the dark unless you are very familiar with the dish. Delicious pictures of your food will sell themselves.

Online ordering and reservations

As we enter a more technological age, customers are also looking for new ways to interact with your business, these include ordering online and reserving a table online. Integrating such systems can lead to greater sales and better business management.


Your restaurant’s online ordering system is an extension of your website, making it another marketing tool to boost sales and attract new customers. If you need help selling your products online and offline, check us out at CloudMenu!
If you focus on making this information as accessible as possible, then your customers will be satisfied.