Online Order Changes You Need to Make for Your Restaurant

Online delivery is a godsend for many restaurants and customers. It allows restaurants to make more sales through selling food online, and it permits customers to sit in the comforts of their home and appreciate food delivered directly to their doorsteps.

While online delivery has been around for a long time, it has changed significantly because of the progressing pandemic. Now, things that used to be normal are avoided, including paying for deliveries with cash, to curb the spread of the virus. But it does not stop there. Here are some of the changes you need to make for your online deliveries for safety reasons.


1. Advance your restaurant

People now are becoming more focused on hygiene. This means that they will likely second-guess going to an establishment if they are unsure about its cleanliness. If you are observing safety measures to keep your restaurant clean, you must share that information to reassure your customers.

You can promote these efforts to keep your restaurant liberated from COVID-19 through a wide range of channels. For example, you can post on social media about the practices you have established for your representatives or distribute a notification on your site about how you’re doing to guarantee maximum safety.

These efforts give customers the peace of mind needed to order from your restaurant, and it can help build a positive standing. At the point when customers see that you care for their health, they care more about your business return. This means that increasing awareness about health and safety is a win-win situation for you and your customers.


2. No Cash Payments

With contactless changing into the new normal, money on payment as an online delivery possibility has been removed by most aggregators and restaurant. This includes customers, employees, and food delivery personnel. As a restaurant owner, your app and web site can give a variety of e-wallet choices that customers will decide on or they’ll simply use their cards. You’ll be able to also partner with apps to provide discounts and referral codes to customers.


3. Utilize Contactless Delivery

If you used to rely on cash payments for your deliveries, it is time to change that. There are a few different ways you can change to contactless delivery. For example, you can allow your customers to pay by means of their Visas through an online store or a mobile app, eliminating the need to transact with cash.

A great benefit to this is that it keeps in line with social distancing, and some of these apps can provide a variety of useful features. For example, an application can allow you to show your menu items, allowing your customers to quickly look at what you offer and purchase what they need.


4. Optimize Your Menu for Delivery

It’s essential that orders travel well. You wouldn’t send out a messy plate to a dine-in guest and it’s just as important that diners at home receive your food because it was supposed. Hot, intact, and delicious!

That means designing your menu and your packaging to suit the meals that are going out. A good delivery menu should be efficient, featuring the most common dishes that are best suited for a visit on the rear of a bike. Think about however totally different foods travel compared to others. Will certain foods get soggy? Are you able to package them in different ways?

For example, a hot noodle soup like a Vietnamese pho comes with a variety of garnishes, herbs, chillies, and juice that give the dish its freshness. It would be best to throw all within the soup and package it up. But to preserve the freshness of the ingredients and therefore the integrity of the dish, most restaurants pack the new hot up in one container and therefore the garnishes separately. The customer can put the entire factor along at the opposite finish.

If you find that it’s too time-consuming for your operations to package a dish up in this way, consider dropping it from the menu and focusing on dishes more suitable for delivery. It’s not a bad thing to exclude dishes from takeout orders. It incentivizes diners to come back into the restaurant to enjoy these dishes in-house. 

For delivery, choose dishes that travel well and are quick to assemble to minimize the impact on dine-in orders once both sides of the kitchen are busy.


5. Offer healthy food items

Health is the name of the game nowadays, especially during the pandemic. To promote your customers’ well-being, you can start offering healthy food options if you have not already. This is especially useful when trying to sell food to cautious customers who have begun to adopt a healthier lifestyle to combat the virus.

You can also create menus to fit the home-centric lifestyle. With so many people stuck at home, you can create brand-new menu items to fit work-from-home lifestyles and highlight your efforts to help bolster your customer’s health.