Why Your Restaurant Should Be Offering Food Delivery

Food delivery is becoming more and more popular for customers throughout the world. In fact, 71% of customers in the US want their food delivered, but only 12% of restaurants give delivery choices. So, why is there such a disconnect?

Many business owners have an interest in offering delivery but realize it may be tough to get right. owners need to provide a similar great food and service, but straight to the consumer’s doorstep. Below, we’ll highlight some myths around food delivery.

Restaurants, coffee shops, quick-service and chain restaurants, as well as eateries of all sizes, are getting into delivery, hoping to get a piece of the pie. So, should your restaurant follow suit? Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on using delivery services.


  1. Reach more customers

Expanding your business online will help you reach more customers than you ever may together with your brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Offering online food as a possibility will get your foot in the door when it comes to target groups that prefer delivery food, like millennials, singles, families with younger children, students, office workers looking to have lunch with colleagues,… etc. some of these audiences might not yet have had any interaction with your brand, up until the moment you start selling meals online.

While in-house delivery has a number of advantages, having a listing on third-party platforms as Uber eats, Glovo and Deliveroo will greatly increase your discoverability online, as these apps are used by billions of hungry customers worldwide.

The more platforms your restaurant is available on, the bigger the chances of increasing your customer base are.


  2. More business opportunities

Meal delivery is a perfect opportunity to sell dishes even if you no longer have tables available. A physical restaurant is limited by its maximum number of covers, but you can “hack the system” with delivery.

Additionally, having an online offer is a good way to sell during off-peak moments – once your restaurant won’t be that busy. In 2019, delivery consumers ordered more breakfast items, snack-sized meals and sides than ever before, so you may as well take advantage of the increase in demand.

A good delivery menu encourages cross-selling, as well. Your online customers have all the time in the world to go through your entire menu – that should be concise, clear and categorized – before creating a choice.


  3. Online presence

It goes without saying – but we’ll tell you, anyway – that getting your business onto delivery platforms enhances your online visibility. Customers are ready to inform together with your brand on these platforms, in addition to your own website or physical restaurant.

Being available on multiple channels may be an important step in your restaurant’s growth path. You may be ready to reach out to more customers because of your online visibility. the combination of both offline and online visibility can produce additional overall brand awareness: people who already know your brand is highly likely to order your food online as they recognize you on these platforms. It also works the other way around, as your presence on online delivery channels can convince people to visit your restaurant on site.


  4. Expand new territory

Expanding your (delivery) operations is easy after you provide online food delivery services. You’ll be able to easily manage your online menus, test new meals and add new dishes. All it takes is a few clicks!

Your restaurant can even establish a whole new online brand. Let’s say you own a taco restaurant, but you also want to try selling pizza. You may then want to set up a completely new name for your pizza, one that will run separately next to your main brand. This is a great way to target a different audience.

Applying this strategy provides you with the possibility to explore new territories and see if your customers are also eager to try out other types of meals.


  5. Increased profits

An obvious benefit of getting into the food delivery business is the increased revenues you’ll make by serving more customers than you have tables. But more than that, delivery is usually more profitable than traditional restaurant sales.

When you streamline your delivery services by integrating your delivery channels into your POS, you don’t need to hire additional staff to handle incoming online orders, as your entire order flow are automated. Therefore, you’ll be able to start selling meals online without having to rent additional staff to try to do it – and without paying more labour costs.


  6. Automate compliance

Online ordering automates the flow of orders in your restaurant. Your staff will have more time to manage the restaurant as they won’t waste time picking up the phone or checking the website for online orders. Delivery and takeaway services simplify your restaurant’s ordering and record-keeping processes and streamline the staff’s manual work – especially helpful on busy nights.

Embracing online food delivery as part of your restaurant operations has many advantages, including increased visibility and brand awareness, the possibility of experimenting with new menus, increasing operations… Eventually, this will lead to revenue growth and make your business more successful!